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Ways guys can appear more attractive to women

>Women really like intelligence

Women really like intelligence.

The attraction is also a medium factor, so it's not something big like we use to think. In 2003 was an attraction based on appearance a big factor, now it's less. But there are also other factors. If a man shows that he's smart, it can provide for the lady in more ways than one. Women don't want to have adult dating with a smart man "just because" they want a smart man so that he can teach them things and so that they can learn more together. Smart guys are usually better at focusing or paying attention to details.

Women like dominant men.

Research finds evidence that women prefer a dominant romantic partner over a non-dominant one. When asked to describe their perfect partner, some ladies identified dominant as a desirable trait. The findings suggest that the simple parameter "dominant-non-dominant" may not be very useful in predicting female preferences. Women are attracted to a rebel type man. If a woman asks you a question that you do not want to answer, just smile and wink. Challenge yourself to solve different things when it is the right time and not only on her watch. Also, try something that you want to do, like being spontaneous. Do something that scares you and invites her with you next time.
Be a kind and pleasant man

Be a kind and pleasant man.

Don't let yourself be influenced by people stuck in weird paradigms of scarcity or inaction. Do not spend unnecessary time with people who aren't helping you advance in your goals. Also, if women see that men are good with kids, men will automatically be more attractive. They think they will be excellent partners and good fathers.

Present yourself as high status.

Researches show that men pictured in a luxury apartment were perceived as way more attractive than other persons in a familiar environment. But you do not have to be rich; you should have a passion. When you express your passion with a woman, you show confidence, which women are attracted to emotionally. So, you have a chance for an adult dating with an attractive lady!
Be an interesting guy

Be an interesting guy.

You can’t just be the friendly man, or just the cool man, or the seductive man. You need to be able to play all 3 roles. You must be friendly and animated to get a woman’s attention in the beginning; then, once she starts to engage in the conversation, you can focus more on creating a connection with her. In addition to taking on multiple roles, you need to have the right mindset and display the right traits if you want to attract cute women and start adult dating. You need to believe that you are a strong, confident man that deserves attractive women.

Smile more. It will make you feel better.

More importantly, it makes people around you feel better too. Greet people cheerfully. That said, do not be the man who's always awkwardly smiling or overly positive for no reason. Women don't buy it. So many persons are so pessimistic and cynical that when someone appears overly positive, women often presume they are being fake and manipulative rather than believe they are genuine. So being less positive can actually make you appear more positive because the positivity you show is more believable, and you do not get written off as dishonest.
Just be yourself

Just be yourself.

But don't be awkward, rude, anxious, and negative. Such character traits are unattractive to most women. There are definitely personality traits that women find attractive and personality traits that women find unattractive. In order to attract women, one must minimize/eliminate the unattractive aspects of their personality and maximize/acquire aspects of an attractive personality. Women want to be addicted to a man that has a positive outlook on life.

Dress in clothes that actually fit you and your body type.

That does not mean buy expensive clothes, but take pride in your appearance and actually dress for your body type. Fit clothes. It makes you more fashionable, even if you are not fit.
Men who smell good are more attractive to women

Men who smell good are more attractive to women.

Bad hygiene women people away. Good hygiene lures women in (subtle unique perfumes, avoid those cheap deodorants). The smell is important to ladies, and not only that, a guy smells clean. Olfactory signals tell women if you are healthy and strong. Our genes seek out the strongest partner, and how you smell - the natural scent, not the cologne you wear - can make a difference in how attractive you appear to the women.

Your personal identity can attract women.

You can attract a girl with your personality, and your style will emerge from that. Trying to adhere to a certain fashion isn't really doing you any favors unless it's actually reflective of your personality and how you want to appear to others.