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romance gifts and flowers shop Fun Adult Games and Sexy Gifts! We offer perfect gift solutions to those who are on a budget, and can't think of what to buy the couple that has everything! We have Sexy Toys, Adult Games, and other fun novalties at the lowest prices around! Makes for excellent gifts for couples with upcoming anniversaries, or newlyweds seeking a "special" type of honeymoon! Since we ship directly from the supplier, the middleman is out of the picture saving you money, without sacrificing the quality! These make perfect gifts for married couples, or perhaps adventurous lovers, as well as bachelor and or bachelorette parties.

We're always adding daily specials, as well as exciting new and improved products and services just for you! We only use the most reputable suppliers and all merchandise is guaranteed or your money back! Should any product not be satisfactory for you, please call us immediately and we'll resolve the problem to your ultimate, 100% satisfaction.
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Spice Up Your Sex Life! - sex life enhancement kit - bed of roses

Bed of Roses Deluxe! Enclosed you will find over 200 scented silk rose petals, edible gourmet chocolate massage oil, rose scented bubble bath, a back massager, tea lights and a special invitation card, all packaged in a black, satin carrying bag for those sexy romantic get-a-ways!
Click here for your own body paints
Tasty Edible Body Paint! - munch your way to ectasy - get your body paints

Sexy Paintable Bodies you can Lick! Delicious, edible, pleasure paint to bring out the excitement in your sexual experiences! It comes in four decadent flavors: creamy banana pie, cherry crush, blueberry bliss, and grape obsession! Use for tasting, being artistic, or for massage!
Click here for your own home spa sex kit
Romantic Spa KitT! - bring out your hidden masseuse - make it so

Home sexual massage treats! Enclosed you will find edible coconut passion fruit massage oil, tropical scented bubble bath, a sensual bathing sponge, a coconut water scoop, a back massager, tea lights and a special invitation card, all packaged in a black, satin carrying bag for that hot to trot weekend sex retreat vacation!
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Sexy Thrills for Couples Sex Lives! - zest for any relationship - thrills here

Sexy fun and Games! Enclosed you will find twelve unforgettable sex thrills for you and your lover. Enjoy the excitement and anticipation of opening each tear & reveal card. Also includes a feather tickler and sensual body bliss dust.
Click here for edible body sauces
Tasty Mint Body Sauce! - get your sauce - get that sauce

Mint flavored body sauce! The tastiest way to minty fresh breath! For a romantic, fun evening paint onto the most interesting body parts and let your imagination run wild! 5.29 oz Comes with body brush.
Click here for undies you can eat off your wife, girlfriend or lover
Edible Girls Underwear! - female undies you can taste - get her undies

Edible Women Panties! Sensuous with Taste! You can eat all of your wife of girlfriend's Edible Undies garment and the edible tie string as well! The more you lick Edible Undies, the better they taste, so lick well before eating. They taste better when properly worn!
Click here for undies to eat off your husband, boyfriend or lover
Edible Guys Underwear! - male underwear briefs she can lick - his undies

Flavored male briefs This is the men's version of the above. These underwear are more macho, and studies have shown that women go crazy when confronted with edible undies on men featuring the complete bonus "bulk" package. Lovers will delight on who can eat the quickest to get the prize waiting within!
Click here for flavored panties, briefs and bras you can eat
Edible Undwear 3 pc. Set! - undies for both him and her - buy munchies

Male and Female Undies! This kit contains 1 eatable bra, 1 eatable panty, and 1 eatable male brief. They are flavored in both strawberry and chocolate! You can eat all of the garment and the candy tie strings as well. Get your mate and "bon appetite," eat your mate! (eatable misspelled on purpose) :)
Click here for candles in the shape of female breasts
Chocolate Fantasy Finger Paint! - paint then lick your partner - go see

Yummy edible coco paint! Enjoy four delicious flavors of chocolate, all over your lover's body! Includes four .5 oz containers of Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate Mocha and 2 free samples!
Click here for putting some zest into your sex life
Kama Sutra Bedside Box Lovers Tool Kit - make sex interesting - purchase

Kama Sutra tools! Behold the Bedside Box of Sexual Love Enhancement. A tastefully designed night table accessory that cleverly conceals right within reach, the things for the throes of passion. Sprinkling Honey Dust, tempting taste of Oil Of Love, Sensual Lubricant, and a candle! Enjoy!
Click here for fun sexy items to spice up your sex life
Kama Sutra Gift Trove Tangerines & Cream! - tasty lovemaking - curious!

Creamy sweet eat treats! This gift tin fully the delights of a single, luscious flavor. It includes 3 deliciously edible Tangerine & Cream offerings: sweet, soft, sensuously smooth Honey Dust body powder with feather, tantalizing Oil Of Loves & gently numbing Pleasure Balm. same kit in raspberry
Click here to make home grown sex movies for couples
Do-It-Yourself Adult Movie Kit! - make your bedroom a movie set - oh yes

Make your own home adult videos! This exciting sex movies kit sets you up with the supplies you'll need to produce, direct and star in your very own adult movies! It includes a Movie Clapper with chalk, adult script ideas, Hot Stuff Warming Massage oil, a 6 1/2" body massager, & an erotic music soundtrack CD. Making exciting homegrown adult videos will certainly spice up that sex life!

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Click here for body whip cream in yummy flavors
Whipped Creme Sampler! - flavorful lickable whip creams - cream in here

Creamy body topping! A collection of fluffy body toppings in three delicious flavors, cherry, strawberry and pina colada. Each can is 4 ounces. With creamy whipped delight, your lover becomes dessert tonight.
Click here for body whip cream in yummy flavors
Whip Creme Deluxe! - flavorful lickable whip creams - cream in here

Sweet toppings for hot bodies! A fluffy, creamy whip that will envelop your body with sheer delight. Make your body design or pile it high. Let your imagination run wild! It's so delicious!
Click here for your own box of pasta shaped like a male penis!
Great Tasting Edible Penis Pasta! - pecker snacks like no other - penis pasta

Penis-shaped pasta! Time to Eat a Penis Treat! This is one meal that will always leave a smile on your face and your lover's, and will crack up all your friends! Guaranteed to never go limp, unless you cook them. Um, not recommend for Sunday dinner with mom and dad.
Click here for your own box of pasta shaped like boobies
Great Tasting Edible Boobie Pasta! - boobie snacks - pasta boobies info

Boobie-shaped pasta! Warm and Firm just like the real thing! We'll give you the noodles, you supply the sauce! Makes for a festive dinner entree that will tickle all funny bones with an appetite!
Click here to buy your own set of sex dice
Oral Sex Dice For Men! - the women must obey the dice - oral dice info

Sex enhancing dice for couples These are used specifically to pleasure the man! Roll the dice, read the words, and the woman do the deed as specified on the dice! Sex has never been so much fun! Lick, suck, tease, it's all there for you to explore in the privacy of your bedroom!
Click here to buy your own set of sex dice
Oral Sex Dice For Women! - the men must obey the dice - oral dice info

Spark up that sexual relationship These are used specifically to pleasure the woman! Roll the dice, read the words, and the man must do the deed! Sex has never been so much fun! Lick, suck, tease, it's all there for you to explore in the bedroom! Use with the above dice specifically for men and have yourself a pleasurable night of rolling the dice!
Click here for candles in the shape of female breasts
Bobbie Shaped Candle! - boobie candles with nipple wicks - boob candle

Boobie shaped candles! This boob shaped candle is deliciously vanilla scented. Use it for laughs or romantic interludes! Very aromatic! You can of course purchase two titty candles and have your own set of vanilla boobies to light up any time you wish!
Click here for candles in the shape of the male penis
Wicky Dicky Candle - innocent looking penis candles - penis candle

Penis shaped candles! Light up a Wicky Dicky candle to enhance any special occasion or turn any evening into a fun and memorable one. This cute candle is sure to brighten up any occasion!

Inexpensive but beautiful flowers sent direct from the grower!
just roses
Huge assortment of fresh flowers sent world wide
fresh flowers

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