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top reviewed singles sites Hey Singles, Wassup! We welcome you to our reviews of personal ads, a leading provider of love and happiness to the online singles community with over 9 million profiles and thousands joining every week!

Find detailed membership information, pricing options, specialized site features, company info and profiles. So easy to search or browse the profiles to find the perfect romance partners, pen pals, new love interests, and all other relationships!
popular singles site for singles seeking love and romantic relationships
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"Biggest and fastest growing online personals"

Browse Photos of Women at is one of the Top Dating and match services onlinewith over 9 million members, most with picture profiles.

This leading dating service offers powerful searching and matching capabilities to help you meet and connect with your perfect match.

Take advantage of the 3-Day Free Trial Offer to Find your soul mate among one of the Internet's largest community of discriminating eligible singles. Membership Information

Free Basic Membership? Yes - Creating and posting a profile on is free and you have 7 days to check out all the services and takes only a few minutes to register. Think of it as a quick sketch of who you are, your lifestyle, and what counts most in a relationship. The questionnaire will highlight your personality traits and interests and lets you describe your personality even further in a brief (or lengthy!) narrative.

Once your profile's complete, the exclusive two-way Matching technology will compare your profile responses with other members, helping you to meet your perfect partner. welcomes all single adults seeking one-to-one relationships ranging from companionship to friendship, romance to marriage.

Lifestyle Inclusions: Heterosexual, men seeking women, women seeking men, gay and lesbian personals, and seniors personal ads. personals logoFirst impressions: creates a standard of excellence that other online dating sites try to emulate. With it's big time marketing budget including prime time radio and televison advertising, the site is now the largest single dating entity on the world wide web. The navigation and site speed is state of the art. Register At for Free

Venus Services: The Roman goddess of love and beauty and also's diligent matchmaking agent! Once activated, Venus searches the massive database to seek out your partners and delivers the newest profiles directly to your inbox. When there aren't any new compatible profiles, Venus tempts you with some exciting new search results! Follow the links within Venus' emails, browse the profiles she's found for you, and then connect with your perfect partner! To ensure Venus is sending you the best matches possible, simply update the criteria in your profile.

Profile Database: Over 13 Million members with 10-15 thousand joining daily.

Searchable Profiles: Searching provides you a list of members' profiles based on criteria you specify at the time of the search. Searching allows you to specify the types of member profiles you want to see. You can conduct an unlimited number of searches by selecting the preferences and characteristics of your desired partner. Start with zip code, age, and gender. Then narrow your search with physical characteristics, lifestyle practices, and relationship desires. Play around and try a variety of searches. Members can save up to five saved searches including Quick Searches, Detailed Searches and Personality Searches.

Two-Way Matchmaking: The exclusive two-way matching technology locates all of the members that meet the requirements of what you are looking for AND narrows that list to those members who are looking for people with a profile like yours. No time wasted browsing profiles that mean nothing to you. The site will deliver you the best of the best, the cream of the crop profiles that meet your exact criteria.

Picture Profile Personal Ads? Yes! Most members post at least one photo, many have multiple pictures in their profiles! Browse Photos of Women at

Dating Site Summary Overall Consensus

Singles Search Update - One of the powerful tools provided to help you meet your perfect partner, the Search Update feature delivers you a weekly list of current members who meet the criteria you specified in a Saved Search. Select which type of Search to save. Be sure to mark the saved search and Search Update check boxes at the bottom of the search form. The search criteria you save will be used to compile the results for your next Search Update. Availability Status - You can set your availability by selecting an icon from the upper left corner of the Messenger window. Your options are: Message Me Now! - You're online and available for messaging (the default status when you log in). Busy - You're online but temporarily unavailable to receive messages. Stealth - You're online but no one else can see that you're online; you're not likely to receive any messages in this status. Messenger Groups - A Group is a file that contains the usernames of some or all of your Favorites. You can add, delete and edit Groups. The only Group you cannot delete is "Favorites," which is reserved for all your members - in the event you don't want to manage multiple Groups. Instant Messaging - The messenger is a fun and easy way to communicate instantly with other members who are online with you now. All registered members can use Messenger, and remember - registration is free! Simply log in and open the Messenger window to receive and respond to messages. To initiate a conversation, you must subscribe. If you're a subscriber, you can send messages to any member who is online or busy.

Messenger Favorites List - You can organize your Favorites by assigning them to groups. Use the default group or create up to fifty groups of your own. Use the Manage Lists icon to add, delete and edit groups and add or delete individual members. The Message Me Now! icon appears beside the names of your Favorites who are available to exchange messages.

Passport AOL Account Linking - Linked accounts associate a username and password with your Microsoft Passport ID or your AOL ScreenName ID. When you establish a linked account, you can log into Microsoft Passport or AOL ScreenName and automatically log into Match. com at the same time.'s Newsletter - A newsletter is periodically sent out to members and subscribers. The newsletter brings you exciting and helpful information on dating, relationships, sex and love - and offers tips, advice, contests and special announcements. Singles Communities - Communities are ideal venues for members to interact with other eligible singles who share common interests. Communities allow members to identify themselves with particular affinity groups, enjoying a unique online experience tailored to members' individual needs. At this time the available communities are gay, lesbian and senior. Auto-login Feature - The auto-login feature will recognize you each time you visit the site, eliminating the need to request your username and password with each visit. When you select auto-login, you are taken directly to your My Home page, where you can also see the what's new on the site. With auto-login, there's no need to log in each time you want to contact a partner that Venus sends your email.

Saving Conversations - Before you close the Conversation window, press the Save icon . The text from your conversation will appear in another window, where you can save the file to your hard drive. Comes in handy for future reference!

Final Summation - Not placing a free ad, or taking advantage of the seven day trial means you're not serious about finding a match. This match site rocks and is a must for all singles seeking partners

Take Advantage of's 7-Day Free Trial Offer!

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Why Use Online Dating and Personal Ads?

Online dating or you may say Internet Dating is very famous these days and becoming more and more popular because of its convenience and advantages. The first and foremost advantage from dating online is that you can contact matches without revealing your real identity avoiding the embarrassment if doesn't work out.

You may meet the people you would otherwise never get the chance to encounter. Dating online allows you to learn about person's qualities and attributes through the conversation. Since you are not seeing each other, it gives the chance to both of you to reveal the thoughts and feelings without feeling awkward or embarrassed.

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