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Funny sex humor and the differences between men and women on sexual relationships
Hiya Laughter Seekers! Welcome to our adult humor and fun jokes section! An online compilation of orginal and popular sexual related parodies of life. We also feature interesting sex facts and trivia related informative articles. All humor pages are completely pop up free and unlike most every other site, we don't attempt to download any funky spyware programs to your computer or enable java scripts to track your movements.

Find the best adult related jokes and satire that will tickle your funny bone, and maybe even make you think! A humorous look at how men and women differ, and various informative facts, statistics and figures regarding sex, dating and relationships in general. Get the scoop on strange but true facts and related trivia about sexual behavior and differences of men versus women.

This site is safe and clean meaning NO pop ups or redirects, fun, informative, and sometimes extremely humorous! We aim to please, and hope you enjoy your stay! We never track our surfers so you're 100% anonymous. Have a good laugh and enjoy yourself already!

Love, Sex and Relationship Jokes, Humor and Pictures!

Sex Facts and Statistics
A little sex education 101 to enlighten your sexual tension and expand your sexual horizons!

USA State Mottos
Our personal take on U.S. State mottos we deem more appropriate.

Rules for Men and Women
More rules that define the differences between the sexes and Type of boyfriends and girlfriends.

Funny One Liners
Ready to laugh? Our huge list of quick wit one liner jokes will take you to the edge! Sex for Dummies
Find out if men are really pussy whiped, or if it's just a facade!
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Define the Single Bachelor
Definitions of a Bachelor's lifestyle and point of view on various life issues.

The Reality of Personal Ads
Get a clue as to what the single men and women in personal ads might really entail!

Sex Positions Guide
In depth guide for couples on sex positions used in love making

Male Code of Ethics
Is there really such a document? Make up your own mind on this fuzzy alleged version!

Female Rules and Guidelines
Single females make the rules of relationships as defined by this document.

Popular Sex Positions Guide
Picture and illustrations of the most popular sex positions.

Men Rule the World?
Or is that what the chicks want us to think? Read these interesting insights and decide for yourself!
  1. Male versus Female Part 2
  2. 5 Dreaded Questions from Women
  3. For Women - What Men Mean
  4. For Women - How Men Think
  5. Man and Woman - Fun Thoughts
Rules for the Redneck Man
A list of rules and guidelines by seasoned Redneck gentlemen from around the world for aspiring future rednecks to live by. Page 2 - Redneck men rules

Bar Room Jokes
Be ready to LOL and bust out the tickle bone with some of these.
Facts about women
Important factual information that men should know regarding the female of our species.

Achieving Male Orgasms?
Are you an orgasmic male? Find out the secret to enjoying a sexual orgasim just like the girls do!

Understanding Women - Is It Possible?
Dive into the mysterious world of how women think, the first key to attempt understanding of this strange species.

Facts about men
Of course, this is a two way street! Men have just as many quirky facts that a woman would be happy to have in her arsenal of male defense mechanisms.

Guys and Girls Personalities
An informative take on how the male and female personality differs on so many unintimate levels.

Men Answer Women
Answers by men to several puzzling questions women have pondered for many centuries.

Girls That Are Sexually Aggressive
Hey stud,this is where you learn how to deal with those sexually frustrated ladies out there. Is your wife or girlfriend a nymphomaniac? Take note of the fine points of related by men who had to be burdened with this growing phenomenon!

Love Somebody? Set Them Free!
Check out all the new and revised versions of this ode to love and insecurity!

Flirting with Women Online
Learn the secrets of how to attract, meet and flirt with single girls that post picture profiles on the Web, and find out where they like to hang out!

Survival Guidelines for the Modern Man
Gain insight to becoming the modern macho type man you always knew you could be!.

All About Condoms
Safe sex is the order of the day here. Learn about condom use and giggle at many condom related jokes and parodies.

Best Pick Up Lines
A compilation of the worlds best pick up lines men use for coming onto the single girls of the world.

Dealing with a Broken Heart
The ulitmate letter of resolve when dealing with an ex slimball who broke your heart.

All About Oral Sex
Our blowjobs 101 and oral sex information center. Be careful what you wish for! Menage A Trois
Thinking about trying a threesome with your girlfriend, significant other or spouse? Read this informative article on how to achive that hard to manage goal! Confucious Wise Sex Master
Words of sexual enlightenment and wisdom presumably spoken by the old chinese sex master, Confucious.

What do women really want?
The moral of this story becomes increasingly clear as the read fall into the depths of understanding the wnats and needs of the modern day woman.

Saying I Love You
Learn how to say those magical words in all languages to insure getting laid in all countries!

World Record Boobies
See the Largest Female Breasts on record, and find out everything you always wanted to know about boob, and the men that crave them!

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