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Single Women in Eastern Europe - Photo Profiles

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reviews of dating sites offering photo profiles and mailing addresses of single russian girls looking for American men
Greetings! Welcome to our matchmaking sites with photo personals of pretty Russia and Eastern European ladies. Read reviews and membership information on the leading introduction services featuring the most reputable agencies with immpeccable credentials and high success rates.

Why use an Introduction Agency? Many men feel American women have lost the traditional values they're looking for in a lifetime companion. Men describe American girls as shallow, selfish, obsessed with careers, decadent, divorce happy, too busy to have children, and so forth.

Bottom line? There are lots of men looking for women with "old fashion" family values. They want a wife with wonderful values and morals and who takes the marriage bond seriously, wants to have children and relish motherhood, and puts her family above all else. Many American men have come to the conclusion that they must look outside the US to find the woman of their dreams!

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picture profile of a single women from
A Foreign Affair - introduction services -- review this site

No doubt the largest and best known foreign introduction and matchmaker agency. They have an immense searchable database of mostly Russian and other Eastern European women, but you'll find pretty ladies from all over including Poland, Latvia and the other Baltic states, Romania and even Scandanavian countries!

They are the leaders in providingromance tours to Russia that allow you to meet their ladies in person. The tours are all inclusive and you will feel like a King the whole time!

Weekly updates of over 200 new Women seeking Western men to love and cherish them. Something Russian men aren't in to doing.

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This match service features girls from almost every country on the planet!

Profile of single Russian girl - matchmaking service - reviews

The Pretty Woman agency has a seemingly endless database of very pretty ladies mostly from the former Soviet Union. This is one of the older and more established agencies with an excellent reputation and frequent updates.

Once a month a pretty woman will send out your letter and photo to 1,000 ladies. Each month a pretty woman will choose another 1,000 Russian girls and so on every month for four months.

With over 2000 successful marraiges, they are always happy to supply new weary customers with as many references as desired. With offices around the world, and a global reach to many countries, you can pretty much pick and choose the exact woman that tickles your fancy. visit a pretty woman

Russian women seeking husbands and boyfriends in America and Canada

Profile of single Russian girl - matchmaking services - getmarriednow full review

Make connections with beautiful Russian and Eastern European Ladies with multiple picture profiles and complete biographies explaining what they are looking for in a man. Most the girls can speak and write english.

Get married now is a top introductions and referral service. Meet over 5,000 of the world's most beautiful women, each of whom is looking for a loving and sincere man that will offer them a committed relationship and secure home.

Open six days a week, the getmarried dating agency staff of knowledgeable professionals in Novosibirsk, Russia, Kherson, Ukraine and Vinnitsa, Ukraine can help you with everything from travel plans to delivering flowers, gifts or candy.

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This match service features girls from exotic south pacific islands and south east Asia!

Profile of beautiful exotic single women
Cherry Blossoms - exotic pacific islander - full cherryblossoms review

Cherry Blossoms has been successfully helping single men and women meet by publishing their picture personal ads since 1974. They offer a personalized marriage and dating service that is sometimes referred to as a mail order bride service, but in fact is nothing like the old fashion service at all. They now help over 1,500 client marry each year as a result of men and women using the web site!

The personal ad database includes single men and single women from all over the world, including the U.S., Ukraine, Philippines, China, Singapore, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, South America, Europe, Belarus, Thailand, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and many others!

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Russian Brides Cyber Guide
This site not only has catalogues full of Russian Ladies looking for Western husbands, but it is also jam packed with all sorts of useful information about Russia, Russian women, the whole 'mail order bride' business and much more!

One of the original Chinese dating services on the Internet. They have agents in all the primary cities in China...Meet Chinese ladies for love, romance, dating and more!

Russian and Easter European Ladies - Click pics = View profiles

19 years
5'7", 110 lbs
27 years
5'5", 106 lbs
21 years
5'7", 128 lbs
29 years
5'4", 114 lbs
18 years
5'3", 108 lbs
62271 Svetlana
25 years
5'3", 110 lbs
26 years
5'5", 121 lbs
20 years
5'7", 119 lbs
25 years
5'7", 117 lbs
21 years
5'8", 106 lbs
62429 Tatiana
27 years
5'3", 110 lbs
24 years
5'3", 110 lbs
18 years
5'7", 110 lbs
19 years
5'6", 114 lbs
33 years
5'4", 106 lbs
Includes: Russia, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Ukraine, Kiev region, Crimea, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, and Uzbekistan.

Single Ladies From Central European Countries

63050 Valeria
26 years
5'6", 99 lbs
62964 Natasha
28 years
5'7", 106 lbs
62681 Gulnaza
23 years
5'5", 114 lbs
61646 Larysa
31 years
5'8", 128 lbs
61612 Elena
25 years
5'8", 143 lbs
61534 Edina
31 years
5'7", 112 lbs
60677 Oksana
29 years
5'7", 121 lbs
60016 Elena
29 years
5'7", 125 lbs
56368 Rodica
23 years
5'5", 110 lbs
56099 Eva
21 years
5'3", 128 lbs
55993 Yanina
23 years
5'9", 114 lbs
54890 Loredana
27 years
5'6", 117 lbs
Includes: France, Germany, Hungary, Moldavia, Romania, Spain, Finland, Denmark and Sweden

Matchmaking Agency Scams - Common Sense Warning Signs:

As with anything Internet related, you must always be weary and use common sense when dealing with people for the first time. The following is a list of things to look for in order to detect a scammer. Encountering one or two of these Warning Signs in your own relations should make you pause but remember there is no reason for paranoia! If, however, many of these are present, step back and profile your correspondent because she could be a scammer!
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