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Learn about sex! Welcome to Web's largest archive of sex facts, statistics and trivia answers! A virtual knowledge base and reference to any and every thing you always never needed to know about sex related issues and behavior!

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Fascinating Sex Related Facts and Statistics to expand your mind!

What are the most attractive attributes to each sex?
It is a cultural myth that personal appearance is the most important aspect of a potential partner for either a woman or a man. For example, our psychologists have found that a more important criterion for an "interested" man is reciprocal "interest" on the part of the potential female partner.  In other words, physical attractiveness may be a necessary requirement for capturing the attention of men, but regardless of physical beauty, an actively signaling woman is more likely to be approached by interested men. 

Once there is attention from both individuals, our studies find that men and women weigh the aspects of personality, intelligence, physicality and professional success somewhat differently.

How Men and Women Value Personal Attributes
Attribute Women Men
Personality 62.5% 49.5%
Mind and Intelligence 25.5% 22.6%
Face 7.1% 12.7%
Body 3.1% 14.5%
Professional Success 1.5% 0.5%

Internal attributes are valued the heaviest by both men and women whereas professional success is not a significant issue to either.  As a rule of thumb:
  • Women predominantly assess a man's personality and intelligence.
  • Men predominantly assess a woman's personality, intelligence and physical appearance.

Sex Facts and Statistics about Sexual Related Topics

The heavy breathing and elevated heart rate that occur during sexual arousal and orgasm help keep tissues and organs healthier by circulating oxygen. As an exercise, it burns off just slightly more calories per minute than playing tennis.

A study led by Graham Giles of The Cancer Council Victoria in Melbourne concluded that the more men ejaculate between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to develop prostate cancer.

Kinsey reported that sex reduces stress, and that people who have fulfilling sex lives are less anxious, less violent and less hostile.

In the 1970's, a study at Duke University found that the frequency of sexual intercourse for men was associated with lower death rates, and that the enjoyment of sexual intercourse by women was associated with a longer life.

What is 'scrotal infusion'?

The scrotum is an enclosed sac. It is possible to inject fluids into the sac and cause it to greatly swell. This is also known as "ballooning" since the engorged scrotum resembles a water balloon. This painless, if bizarre, practice has one side effect that makes it popular among a select few - within twenty-four hours the fluid in the scrotum filters into the penis, expanding it to a quite prodigious girth. It is NOT advisable to try such foolishness.

Can a man have more than two testicles?

You should have figured out by now that the human body is capable of almost any kind of growth anomaly, including multiple testicles, which is known as 'polyorchidism.' This is another extremely rare condition. Most sufferers have three testicles, although four or five have been known to occur. (Interesting note - what about Hitler? He reportedly only had one!)

What can affect the taste of semen?

Some people seem to like the taste of semen, at least during the passion of fellatio, while others detest it. Did you know the taste of semen can change according to several different factors? A man's diet and state of health are two keys to the way his semen will taste. Vegetarians who eat lots of celery tend to have mild semen (as will a man who has ejaculated several times in the past couple of days), while red meat, asparagus, broccoli, and spinach produce sharp-tasting semen. The more sperm in the ejaculate, the sharper the taste will be.

Smoking cigarettes or pot or drinking alcohol make the semen bitter. A diabetic's semen is usually sweet. Combinations of these factors can produce a moderate taste. It is said that a vasectomy imparts a milder taste to a man's semen.

What is a Dork?

No, it's not your boss. This pejorative is really the accepted name of a whale's penis. And it's no ordinary penis. The whales, as you might imagine, have the world's largest penises. The blue whale is the champ, with a ten-foot long member that is one foot in diameter. African bull elephants have nothing to be ashamed of either. They are the land-animal champs, coming in at five- to six-foot-long penises.

How about Some Bizarre Facts About Animal Sex?

The shovel-shaped penis of the dragonfly scoops out the sperm of other suitors.

Porpoises and Dolphins enjoy group sex. (Go Flipper!)

Wild animals, as a rule, don't get VD, although otters can get herpes.

The sperm of a mouse is longer than the sperm of an elephant.

Koalas, iguanas, and Komodo Dragons all have forked penises (split in two).

The rhinoceros penis is two feet long. (Yikes!)

The poor male penguin has only one ejaculation a year.

The raccoon penis has a little bone in it that has been used as a toothpick by some.

The mosquito penis is one-hundredth of an inch.

Minks fornicate for up to eight hours at a time.

Chimpanzees spend no time on foreplay, averaging about three-seconds per copulation. (And some men, so I've heard)

Hamsters can have sex seventy-five times a day.

Shaw's jird (a dessert rat) holds the record for frequency of copulation - up to 224 times in two hours!

The majority of giraffes and turkeys are bisexual.

A gorilla's penis is a mere two inches long. (Sucks to be Mrs. Gorilla huh?)

Like humans, fish practice fellatio. (Smells like tune)

The six-inch long Alpine banana slug has a thirty-two inch penis.

Beavers and hamsters will, on occasion, mate face to face.

Most male birds don't have a penis, but rather holes that pass the sperm to the females.

When a male deer rubs his antlers on a tree, it is a form of masturbation.

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