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top reviewed singles sites Hey Singles, Wassup! We welcome you to our review of, Are you looking for a way to meet people safely, flexibly, and to maintain control over each encounter? How many times have you been on a date only for it to turn out disastrous? If you were like the average person, the answer would be more times than you care to count.

Friendsearch can help! Find detailed membership information, pricing options, specialized site features, company info and profiles. As with all sites reviewed, we actually join as a member and go through every step of the process to bring an accurate unbiased summation.
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Online dating is an exciting opportunity that millions of people use every day as a means of building friendships and making love connections. To become a valued member of, you pay nothing. Upgrades are available should you enjoy the site and wish to use all functions

Once you have signed up to become a member, you will have the ability to search and browse other members who just like you, are looking to meet someone special.

Friend Search Membership Information

Free Basic Membership: Take 1 minute and create your Free Profile, and friendsearch will Instantly email you 10 Singles in your local area seeking dates! Plus, you'll be automatically entered to WIN a FREE trip to Phuket Island, Thailand!

Lifestyle Inclusions:Heterosexual, men seeking women, women seeking men, women seeking women and men seeking men.

friendsearch personals logo First impressions: The nice thing about using the friendsearch online dating service is that there is no pressure to respond to any of your e-mails or requests. You control the people you respond to and send messages to. Instead of feeling pressured or hassled, all you need to do is have fun and enjoy the process of making new friends and possibly, a love or sex connection! check it out for yourself.

Singles Niche: Members of are looking for relationships for a number of reasons. Some people are divorced, widowed, hobbyists, and so on. Regardless of your reason for wanting to meet someone, the services provided on will help make your experience a positive one.

Profile Database? 1-1.5 Million members with 7-8 thousand joining daily.

Searchable Regions: Worldwide singles database with subs in most countries.(see below) does provide two type of searches that are firstly, handle search, and secondly, search according to country, state, age, with or without photo and etc. Handle search is the fastest way to look for certain members if handle is known. For example, if you want to look for a member who has the handle called 'susan', you just simply enter the word 'susan' in the handle search field and then click on the 'search' button to initiate your search. All the handles which contain the word 'susan' will be listed in the result page, e.g. handles like 'susan', 'susan23', susanng', 'susan_99' and etc.

Premium Memberships? Yes. offers a range of exciting premium memberships so that your dating process is even faster and more fun! Currently, premium memberships are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - each with its own features and membership duration. To learn more about the membership options, simply login to your account and click on the "Upgrade" icon.

Picture Personal Ads? Yes! Most members post at least one photo, many have multiple pics in their profiles Browse female member photos

Overall Impressions - Final Analysis

  • Many Local Area Singles - Meet singles in your area directly. Millions of personal profiles! Browse the photo personals to encounter a friend, date, love or relationship. 1000s of matches made thru the Cupid's matchmaking service. Rated the World's Best Dating Site.

  • - Seeking a sex partner? Try the adult friend search personals adult and swingers community. Feeling a bit adventurous? Why not join the adult community for a more casual encounter. Warning, there are nude and semi naked profiles here.

  • - Seeking a same sex partner? Try the gay friend search personals community. Meet gay and lesbian singles in your area directly!

  • - Seeking a date in Great Britian? Try the uk friend search personals community. Join UK's largest singles and dating personals today and start meeting new people! Free to join! Free to search! Meet and contact other singles in England!

  • - Seeking a lover in France? Try the french friend search personals community. Browse the picture personal profiles to find a friend, date, love or relationship in France or French speaking singles in other countries!

  • - Seeking a perfect match in Deutschland Germany? Try the german friend search personals community. Browse the picture personal profiles to find a friend, date, love or relationship in German or Deutsch speaking singles in other countries!

  • - Seeking a soul mate in Holland? Try the holland friend search personals community. Let Cupid of the Netherlands automatically email you the latest hot Dutch single ladies!

  • - Seeking an Italian pen pal or lover? Try the italy friend search personals community. Offers millions of photo profiles of Italian men seeking women, women of italy seeking men, men seeking men and women seeking women for friendship, relationship, dating, or love! Includes Christian and Catholic singles and Italian ethnic personals.

  • - Seeking a single Polish guy or girl? Try the poland friend search personals community. Thousands of polish matches made thru our matchmaking service! Find many Warsaw singles.

  • - Seeking a single Russian bride or girlfriend? Try the russian friend search personals community. Russian Friend Search offers millions of photo profiles of Moscow men seeking women, Russian women seeking western men, friendship, relationship, dating, or marraige!

  • - Seeking a single latina senorita? Try the spanish friend search personals community. Meet Spanish speaking singles in your area directly! Millions of personal profiles from South America, Mexico, and Central America as well as Mexican Americans!

  • - Seeking other single Asians? Try the asian friend search personals community. One of Asia's largest singles and dating personals community. Join for free today and start meeting new people of asian ethnicities. Free to join!

  • - Seeking other singles from China? Try the chinese friend search personals community. Meet other single Chinese men and women in your local town, city and country. Millions of personal profiles from China!

  • - Seeking single girls from Japan? Try the japanese friend search personals community. Meet millions of japanese singles seeking love and dating relationships.

  • - Seeking single men and women from India? Try the indian friend search personals community. Rated the best dating, Hindu singles and love personals for ethnic Indian guys and gals seeking partners.

  • - Seeking Arab singles? Try the arab personal ads singles community. Get a date for tonight instantly. Meet millions of Arabian singles seeking love and other relationships.

  • - Seeking Aussie single women? Try the australian personal ads singles community. Meet and connect with Aussie singles in your city directly! Millions of personal profiles from Sydney, Melbourne, Adalaide, Perth, Cairnes, and the Gold Coast!

  • - Seeking singles from Canada? Try the canadian friend search personals community. Meet and connect with Canadian singles in your province or city directly! Millions of personal profiles from Vancouver, British Columbia, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and all towns and cities in Canada!

  • - Seeking kiwi singles from New Zealand? Try the new zealand friend search personals community. Meet and connect with singles in Christ Church, Auckland, and other local NZ cities.

  • - Seeking man and woman singles from Mexico? Try the mexican friend search personals community. Introducing you to millions of attractive Mexican members seeking love and romance via the Internet dating personals.

  • - Seeking American singles from the USA? Try the usa friend search personals community. Features profiles of singles from every state in America.
Final Summation - Without a doubt, well worth placing a profile. The friendsearch network is a leading contender for the largest online personals service currently available to singles of the world. get your free membership

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Why Use Online Dating and Personal Ads?

Online dating or you may say Internet Dating is very famous these days and becoming more and more popular because of its convenience and advantages. The first and foremost advantage from dating online is that you can contact matches without revealing your real identity avoiding the embarrassment if doesn't work out.

You may meet the people you would otherwise never get the chance to encounter. Dating online allows you to learn about person's qualities and attributes through the conversation. Since you are not seeing each other, it gives the chance to both of you to reveal the thoughts and feelings without feeling awkward or embarrassed.

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