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top reviewed singles sites Greetings Single Friends! We welcome you to our review of in depth matchmaking service. The proprietary matchmaking model used by finds people who are compatible with you based on 29 dimensions that determine long-term success. states that with other dating methods it normally takes weeks, months or even years before people learn enough about these factors to know if they have made the right choice.

Find detailed membership information, pricing options, specialized site features, company info and profiles. As with all sites reviewed, we actually join as a member and go through every step of the process to bring an accurate unbiased summation.
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"State of the art scientific matchmaking"

Eharmony Matchmaking
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Eharmony uses a scientifically proven compatibility matchmaking. Surprisingly, a good match is more science than art. But for most singles, finding the right partner is more luck than planning. Research done by Dr. Neil Clark Warren ( founder of ) has shown that the compatibility of romantic partners can be measured.

In fact, there are 29 dimensions of compatibility that align in the most successful relationships. eHarmony uses these dimensions to identify the right matches for you.

Basic Membership Information

Free Personality Profile: It's totally risk free when you take the famous free personality profile. Eharmony tells you about yourself and where you stand - and help you know who will be compatible with you. Thusly, you'll enter the 29 diminsions of compatability realm. Most people know that the key to success in a long-term relationship is compatibility.

But what does that mean? If you both like foreign movies and Mocha ice-cream, will you still feel the magic in 25 years? The proprietary matching model finds people who are compatible with you taking into consideration the following 29 Dimensions that determine long-term success. The power of eHarmony is that they evaluate the key criteria before you begin travelling down the road to commitment.

Lifestyle Inclusions?Heterosexual, single, widowed, divorced, or separated men seeking women or women seeking men. Caters to all ages primarily from the USA and Canada, based on Christian values and morals. personals logo First impressions: See why is the fastest growing relationship site on the web. Take the eHarmony Personality Profile and get instant, objective feedback on yourself and how you relate to others. The eHarmony Personality Profile begins the exciting journey toward finding your true love. Check it out!

Benefits of Registration: It's risk free, so there's nothing to lose. Out of all the people you will meet in your life, only a very few would make a great relationship partner for you. Some aren't attractive to you. Others aren't ready for a relationship. Of the rest, many are great people who you might enjoy spending time with initially, but they aren't compatible with you in the important ways that make long-term relationships work! That's where starts. By combining the best scientific matchmaking research with detailed profiling of every member, they screen many thousands of profiles to bring you only the ones that have the potential to be truly right for you.

Size of Profile Database:Almost 8 million members with up to 20 thousand new members joining daily due to the huge TV ad campaigns.

Searchable Profiles Matchmaking You bet! The compatibility matchmaking system measures you in a myriad of ways and matches you based on these 29 key dimensions that predict compatibility and relationship success. The results are matches unlike anything you will find at any other matchmaking service. The process may take longer, and cost a little bit more than other dating sites' but their goal is to help you find your soul mate. Even once you meet someone you like, it can be difficult to get things rolling. Think of those times you've seen someone across the room - at a dinner party, a church function, or a restaurant - and wished you knew how to say hello. It takes more than nerve and a simple "hi" to be successful. When you find the right person, want to make sure you have the best chance to really get to know each other - inside and out.

Profile Photo Personal Ads? Yes! Most members post at least one photo, many have multiple pictures in their profiles browse female member photos

Features Summary - Overall Impressions

Scientific Research Pays Off with Matchmaking - In studies of over 5,000 married couples, founder Dr. Neil Clark Warren exhaustively researched what makes marriages succeed and fail. His findings? Chemistry is not enough. Almost all marriages start out with good chemistry, yet 3 out of 4 couples end up unhappy or divorced. Using this method eliminates the things that can come up later in a relationship. Try for free

Breaking the Ice - Just saying "hello" is often the hardest part of meeting someone new. So site helps you get started. You'll choose 5 multiple-choice questions to ask that will help you build a rapport and break the ice. And at the same time, you'll share some of the things that are important to you. This is an effective way to break the ice, sorta speak.

Knowing What's Important Understanding yourself and your needs is an important key to building a strong relationship. And part of that is knowing what you need in a partner. will help you make your shopping list of "must haves" and "can't stands". Is it really important to you that your partner save money wisely? Or that he spend money to enjoy life? They'll prompt you to ask some important questions, and share those with your match to see if your lists line up.

Final Summation - matchmaking service is a leader in the industry and should be considered if you're serious about finding a relationship. The deep questions are hard to ask, but they're the most important. And you'll be glad you found out up-front, before you've emotionally invested. After all, it's much worse to get involved with the wrong person than it is to be searching for the right one. As you get to know each other, matchmaking service will help you write and exchange questions that explore issues people often overlook until it's too late.

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Testimonials from Matchmaking Service

  • "When I finally met Tom, I felt very peaceful. I wasn't at all nervous. It was almost like being reunited with someone I already knew. It was joyful and after an hour I knew this was who I belong with" --Gina in Vancouver, Bristish Columbia

  • " has been such a positive in my life. I was really in a rut when I first decided to do this, and the excitement of this site just snapped me right out of it. I have met so many high- quality people, and it was incredibly thrilling to come home every night and see all my new matches and recent communications. I have told all my single friends that this is a "must do!" --Lisa in Baltimore, Maryland

  • "Values that might normally take several dates to learn about someone are given center stage. There's a lot to learn about yourself and relationships at" --Kai in Mililani, Hawaii

  • "When I heard about matchmaking I had immediate trust and confidence in it because of Dr. Warren's education and extensive experience in relationship work. As a divorced person who also has an MA in Psychology it's very important to me to choose carefully next time and be as prepared as I possibly can be. Email and the internet are for our generation like telephones and hanging out at the mall were 20 years ago--different mediums but the same end result!" --Kelly in Aliso Viejo, California

  • "The system is revolutionary because it focuses attention on the things that matter most - the intangible personality characteristics that can make or break a relationship from the beginning." --Jonathan in Cupertino, Canada

  • "I have been using for about two months now and am amazed at the quality responses I have received already. I'm very impressed with this service and will continue to use it until I find my "match"!" --Gina in Lake Cowichan, B.C.

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You may meet the people you would otherwise never get the chance to encounter. Dating online allows you to learn about person's qualities and attributes through the conversation. Since you are not seeing each other, it gives the chance to both of you to reveal the thoughts and feelings without feeling awkward or embarrassed.

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