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top reviewed singles sites Hey Singles, Wassup! We welcome you to our reviews of the Webs hottest dating sites! Internet dating really works! Over 40 million singles and 20 thousand new profiles placed every day can't be wrong! We link to every leading match site.

It is free to post a profile and to browse the listings. Join the millions of single men and women who are developing quality relationships at this minute in a safe, fun and effective environment.

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Cupid Photo Personals Site Review: - browse member photos
One of the top online dating personals site with over a million members in the database, Cupid Personals attracts thousands of new singles each and everyday. Very quick search and browse functions with state of the art matchmaking technology. Receive and Reply to E-mail from Other Members.

Fast and Easy Registration: Be online in minutes! You can search to find the best members for you and try out all the great features that help you to meet other members really easily. Registration is free and gives you unlimited access to view profiles, browse, match and see who's online and to check what interest has been shown in your profile. You can reply to all messages you receive. Single Membership Info

Free Basic Memberships: Basic memberships at are free. Simply click the Free Membership button on the menu and fully complete the questionnaire (form). Once you submit the registration form, you will be our newest member. Your profile will be exposed to thousands of other members and visitors. After you create your profile and become a member, you can easily upload your photos or send them to us and we will scan them for you, free!

Dating Lifestyle Inclusions: Heterosexual, man seeking woman, woman seeking man, gay and lesbian personals, and single seniors from all over the is truly an international singles site serving members in 8 different languages, worldwide.

cupid personals logo First impressions: Cupid-Personals is the quickest performing dating site I've seen. The search is just amazing. The site is capable of producing searches based on millions of records in a fraction of 1 second. In order to maintain that speed, they limit searches to produce no more than 500 member records at one given time. In order to find those 500 member records, the servers must comb through millions of records. Like the new search feature rolling out soon, look for a new and more expansive list feature to make its debut! This site is and stays sate of the art. check out the search and see for yourself how fast it is. You don't have to register to perform searches!

Secure Site - Trustworthy and Reputable When logging onto cupid personals and when registering with personal information, they use very strong encryption to send data back and forth, from you to the servers. Because of their reputation in the security services marketplace, they use VeriSign to handle all security certificates. Whenever they discover a member who is suspicious or has the potential to defraud other members, they are deleted immediately. They're also aggressive about policing the site and blocking entire countries with known fraud, terrorist, and anti-peace initiatives. The Tangowire Cupid Personals Network does everything physically possible to protect member's privacy and to ensure a fun experience at the site.

Size of Profile Database Over 5.75 Million members with 15 to 20 thousand new members joining every week!

Lightning Fast Profile Search: Many Cupid Personal profiles are geared to specific interest groups, such as BBW's (big beautiful women), African Americans, singles in a specific state or country, etc.. If you search the entire Network, you are simply breaking down the barriers between those special interest groups and your search will produce anyone who fits your desired criteria. Cupid Personals Network is a true international site, serving members in 8 different languages, worldwide. Many sites allow you to include a Zip Code or Postal Code with your profile.

That is how they allow you to search for other members in your area. Zip and Postal Codes do not exist in many countries throughout the world and it would be impossible to perform a search based off of those factors. Instead, they created a digital map of the entire world and knowing exactly where each member is by a numeric calculation. The new search features will be more powerful than nearly any other online community on the Internet. You will not only be able to search for members in a radius in the United States and Canada, but also from any geographical point on the globe.

Benefits of Premium Membership: As a premium member, you have an additional option which basic members do not have. You have the ability to initiate contact with anyone in the network's community in which you joined. Basic, or "free" members can only respond to those who e-mail them first. It's very inexpensive to meet the love of your life, best friend, or new pen-pal on our site.

They offer premiums at $49.95, $69.95, and $99.95 for 3, 6, and 12 month memberships, respectively. (See the Becoming a Premium Member topic.) Unlike other sites, they do not automatically bill your credit card every month until you pester them enough to delete your membership. If you want to renew your premium membership, it's totally your decision. Just because they once had your credit card number, does not give them the right to go on a shopping spree! This site is as good as gold.

Photo Profiles Personal Ads : Most members post at least one photo, many have multiple pictures in their profiles, some chose to wait before exposing. -- browse the personal ads

Features Summary - Overall Impressions - Final Analysis

Serious No Spam Policy :- Cupid Personals Tango Wire Network, unlike other sites, will never distribute your personal information to third parties for marketing, spam, or any other purpose. It's not the purpose to sell you anything but the services you ask for - directly. And that's not a skillfully crafted policy or play on words.

The only time they would collect contact information from you and make contact with you for purposes outside of this site's features, is when you indicate you want to travel with them and wish to be contacted by the travel group. Even then, they limit the entire conversation to just that - your desired travel arrangements.

What is "finding someone interesting" good for? The "I'm Interested" is a great feature! It allows you to break the ice with another member. If the other member finds you as interesting, they may initiate contact with you and save you from needing to purchase a premium membership. Upon finding someone interesting, a notification is sent to the member you are interested in. It lures them back to the site to check out your profile! Pretty slick if ya ask me.

Safety and Security Number One: This site has secured thousands of online financial transactions each day and has been doing so since May of 2001 without any incidents. They use secure encryption certificates created by VeriSign, a trusted name in the secure site industry The site was founded with the notion that people on the Internet DO NOT want to be spammed.

It's amazing how many other companies don't think this is true! One of the largest reasons behind our incredible success is how they treat members. They don't abuse the relationship, sell their private information to third parties, or keep billing their credit card without their knowledge. They simply treat our members as they would like to be treated.

What good is adding someone to my favorites? Adding other members to your Favorites list is a way to quickly locate them without using the Search by Handle feature. Sometimes the Search by Handle feature will fail to work because members may change their handles. But, your Favorites list is automatically updated if someone changes their handle.

What's The Who's Online list all about?: The Who's Online list is comprised of all members who have logged on last, with the last one to logon at the top of the list. It is first sorted by members with photos to ensure they appear at the top. Many sites in the Cupid-Personals Network are focused around geographical areas or special interest groups.

Only those members in those areas or groups appear in the Who's Online list. Until you use the Log Off menu feature, you will remain in the Who's Online list. Final Summation - Joining Cupid Personals automatically makes you a member of one of the world's largest networks of integrated online dating sites. Good people, fun, and romance is what they're all about!

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