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Personal ads that are totally free of charge!Welcome to our no charge dating sites directory. We list these personal ads portals as a way to thank our surfers for using our site for all love and romance related products and services. All ads will be spidered by a dating search engine so it's imperative that you put your city and state of residence in the Subject field so other singles can find you when searching for specific regions. There is NO membership or registration required to search profiles, place a personal ad, or contact other singles in the database. Enjoy!

For a quick one page comparison of the top 20 dating and singles sites, check out our dating site statistics page. Seeking adults only photo profile sites? Try the adult dating site stat chart. Should you prefer a quick loading and easy click one page listing of all sites with no text descriptions, try the quick reference page for easy bookmark access. You can also access and read in short reviews of every leading dating site on our all listed dating sites page. click here.

Free versus Totally Free Personal Ads or Dating Sites?

Totally Free Adult Personal Ads, you say? You bet, oh doubtful one! Within the "partners in love" dating networks, are a dozen totally free dating and singles resource sites with internal personals where single sufers can post picture profiles, search the ads, and send unlimited messages without even having to register. Just zero in on the picture profiles that tickle your fancy, and drop'em a line! NO strings, NO restrictions, No catches or gimmicks. ALL Free - ALL the time.

 We only hope in return, you'll utilize our sites for all your dating and romance needs. We cater to single folk of all ages, ethnicities, religions, sexual preferences, and locations. No abnoxious pop-up ads, or sneaky tracking spyware of any kind is used within our pages so you're surfing our sites with complete anonymity.

 Consider joining multiple Dating Services Most of them are FREE to post your profile and photo, and you only pay when you want to contact someone. Have a look at what other services they offer, such as - Voicemail, Chat Rooms, Photo Chat and Instant Messaging etc... To make your online dating experience an enjoyable one, we suggest reading our in depth dating tips and advice pages right below. This will also give you insight on how to better utilize the dating sites you decide to join.

Definitions of Free when used in online marketing terms

Defining "FREE" Personals - I'm a firm believer in online personal ads, and found my true love via Internet dating sites, but remember the confusion and frustration of clicking on sites claiming Totally Free Personals only to find out that wasn't the case. For the most part, the majority of sites claim Free Memberships when marketing which can also be misconstrued as meaning that all site features are free. To make it clear, let's define the industry standards of the word "Free" being used.
  • Free Personals - Typically means that it's free to join, place personal profiles, and free to search the ads. However, different sites require various paid upgrades to use advanced site features such as chatrooms and sending messages.

  • Free Dating Site Trial - Usually means that singles can join the site with no restrictions using all site functions for a predetermined amount of time. Your profile can remain in the database, but your downgraded to basic memberships after the trial.

  • Totally Free Personals - "Should" mean that all site features are available to all singles with no restrictions, no registration, (to grab that email), and no limits on sending messages. All of our listed free personals sites meet this definition.

Breaking down how "Free" applies to singles

Popular Dating Sites pay huge amounts for bandwidth, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per month and sometimes need literally thousands of servers to handle the load. These sites need paying members to cover the cost, of everybody loses!

Free Memberships

Almost all online dating sites offer free memberships so you can try before you buy time, with absolutely no obligation to ever become a paid subscriber. This gives you a chance to check out the service, see what it offers and can help you decide whether or not it suits you. Most free memberships are limited. Lets you create a profile, browse and view ads posted by other members, but rarely lets you initiate mail contact, respond to mail messages or use the instant messaging system. Free memberships never expire.

Trial Memberships

A trial membership works a bit different. It's still free, but instead of limiting your access to tools and features, you only get to use the service for a limited amount of time, anywhere from 6 to 10 days. Often you'll be allowed to initiate mail contact and respond to any mail messages you may receive, but once your trial time is up you'll need to subscribe if you want to continue using the service.

Paid Subscriptions

People that are seriously seeking a soul mate will benefit more if they subscribe to the service. The tools and features offered at dating sites are specially designed to save you time and help you meet highly compatible people. Once you pay the required fee you'll be able to do more detailed searches, make use of the matchmaking tools and you'll have unlimited mail and instant message privileges, which is very important if you really want to get to know someone better. Some dating sites will even alert you by mail if anyone new signs up matching your criteria.

Summing Up and Getting Started on the Right track

When placing your personal ad, place it at several personals sites. Some sites will have better coverage of your area than others. Posting at least 3 free ads is a good number to start with. If you don't get many responses after a week or two, you can always post more.

If you don't get many replies to your personal ads, or answers to your replies, don't take it personally. Uploading a photo to go with your ad really helps with getting replies. Also, after you have written replies to a few personal ads, you will get better at it. Don't give up, a little effort on your part can really pay off. Be sure to read our tips on writing creativbe personal profiles before you surf outta here!

Please note - you have to realize that you won't find a great dating service that is free of charge. If you're serious about finding a date you should try a premium paid membership. These top services aren't free because many people work for your satisfaction. They want to help you finding other singles will that meet your needs. Remember, paid dating services really works.

The best way to jump into personal ads is to post your own ad. Many personals sites require you to post your own free personal to get your free membership. All the personals sites listed on this site allow you to at least place your own personal for free.

You should always upload a photo with your ad, if at all possible. Ads with photos draw 5 to 10 times more responses than ads without photos. If you can't find a decent picture of yourself, get one. Disposable cameras are very inexpensive, and you can get the film developed at an inexpensive location, such as a supermarket photo shop. Once you have some decent pictures, if you don't know someone with a scanner, you can use a local office/copy services company such as Kinkos. They can scan your photos and give them to you on disk for a small fee.

When filling out your free personal, select all the boxes and options that apply to you. Remember, the more information you give about yourself, the more likely someone will realize they have something in common with you. Most personal ad sites have a good number of information sections for you to fill out. However, some ask quite a few questions and ask for a lot of "in your own words..." type info. Don't be overwhelmed with these, just fill in the required info to start with. You can always fill in additional information later.

Use a valid email address when signing up. Most personals sites give you the option to receive email notification of replies to your personal ad, and some even forward the reply right to your email box. You may want to use a free email account, such as Yahoo Mail or Hotmail, to prevent any spam. Just don't forget to check your new mailbox!

When you find interesting personal ads and feel an urge to reply, don't be bashful! That person may just love to hear from you. You definitely won't know unless you contact them and find out.

When replying to personal ads, try to be, well, personable and make the reply well crafted and use your spell check! Write at least a paragraph or two about yourself and what you like about them or their ad. Don't give up too much information, but tell them enough to get them interested. Mention things you have in common, and maybe ask a question or two about them. You are trying to get a conversation going, so asking questions is a good idea, as long as you don't ask too many. Also try to avoid long letters with little details that might be considered boring. Keep it to the point, but try to let your personality shine through.

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