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Hot dating tips for men on how to meet women online
Hiya Dudes! Wondering why you never get a response, eh? Don't worry fellas, you're not alone! The most frequent complaints men share with Cupid regarding this whole internet dating scene is that women don't respond to their ads or email. Trust me. If you follow these simple guidelines while writing both your free ad and your responses to womens' ads, your chances will dramatically improve.

The Internet is the best place to actually meet and develope relationships with women that could possibly turn into a real life long term relationship. Women feel more at ease online when interacting with single men, for obvious reasons.

It gives them a chance to get to know a man before having to go out on a real date. Use this to your advantage! Take these tips and get started with meeting the perfect woman! Best of luck to you!

Tips for the Single Man- do's and don'ts, pros and cons

Expediting the Web Dating Process: Online personals really work. Everyone affiliated with this site has hooked up via internet personals, which is why we're passionate about what we do. With the amazing advent of the Internet, there's no reason why "anyone" "anywhere" should be single. My 65 year old mom is now dating (after almost 15 years) becasue I placed her ad in ALL the major dating sites and match services. She was overwhelmed with responses, from all over the planet! She's been dating ever since, and finally found a nice (keeper) gent she claims she'll hang on to a spell. :-)

Total Cost? Nadda. Zip. Zelch. With the millions...and millions...and yes, millions of singles now getting hip into the Internet dating scene, you'll surely hook up in a very short period of time, but you must follow some basic guidelines. (My high end sites sometimes average over 10,000 new singles joining daily!)

The trick and ultra hot tips to being successful can be broken down in three basic steps. Follow them closely, and you WILL succeed! How do I know? I ran a professional Online Matchmaking business for two years. We basically wrote and placed "very creative" personals all over the Web for busy professional clients who didn't have the time/or know how to deal with it. We also created personal websites for these clients with a biography, photo's and witty banter regarding who and what they seeked. All the client had to do was open his or her email, and boom! There were singles from all over wanting to know more about them. It was a smashing success! We managed to hook up 99% of our clients within a months time. The business got so large, so quick, that it became overwhelming. I halted that biz because for the time spent, it was more lucrative to create e-commerce websites, and a lot less stressful! We would have over 100 inquires to our services daily! And we were only a four person operation. Yes, we kept raising the prices, but they kept coming! I simply couldn't hire enough staff to keep up with the work load. Burn out factor 101. But, that's how I knew how popular online dating was going to be. 3 years and almost 100 websites later, here we are! The largest dating, and "totally free" personal ads network on the Internet! Let's rock....

The Almighty Personal Ad - Your first impression... your connection to millions off potantail lovers, soulmate or spouses. Wow, I've seen hundreds and hundreds, and the majority of them, well, SUCK! To be totally unbiased, I'm going to grab a personal from one of our sites, and paste it right here. I swear, this will be the only one I grab, making it a complelety random selection. Be right back....

Here it is, so help me!

Headline: looking for true love Profile ad: i live in fayetteville,nc,i am seperated, divorce pending,i want a caring and honest woman not afraid of love or commitment

(gag)! That's it! Can you believe that? And I bet he wonders why he nevers gets a response? Sheesh... Take The Time to create and craft a funny, witty, and somewhat mysterious profile and for goodness sakes, Spell Check! You must set yourself apart or you'll never any luck. The most "important" thing is to use proper spelling and syntax when responding to ads. You only have the one first chance to make a good impression. Most folks do not like sloppy letters. USE YOUR SPELL CHECK for every outgoing message! One of the reasons I use Love mail for my clients is because it has a good spell check feature. It only takes a minute, yet can make all the difference. Also, people are visual creatures. Use the stationery feature as well. Give your email some color-you have many to choose from. Be creative! Let them remember you as the cute single that had cute little hearts in his email! Stand out from all the rest, and always come across as a nice human being!

Personal ads we wrote for our clients:

Gemini Juggler
Are you a liberal or conservative? A laugher or cryer? A licker or biter? I'm both. Always both and yet neither. I'm an atheistic lover of many gods. . . a sophisticate with toys in my bathtub . . . a genuine evil twin who loves to perform missions of mercy. Honey, I always prefer paper and plastic. In fact, there are so many sides to me that I often find I'm beside myself. Think you can handle having five lovers in one? Being monogamous with me is just like being totally promiscuous.

Zodiac Killer
We Virgos rarely brag--except when there's something we want. And I want you. So I'm going to tell you what my astrologer said, which is that we Virgos are the smartest lovers and sexiest geniuses in the entire zodiac. Now tell me about yourself. Are you a frequent bather with strawberry breath and jet pilot's eyes? Are you equally at home in silk and grunge, equally knowledgeable about El Greco and L7? Do you have a slow hand but fast fingers? Know lots of short cuts but have a long attention span? Then get over here now. I want to bite you with my wit

Power Play
I've got the heart of a mountain-climber and the mind of an entrepreneur. You're a timeless beauty who thinks the most fun thing that two people can have together is to build things from the ground up. How about it: Want to work and play together? Want to share the spiritual joys of powerwalking, powershopping and powermongering? Let's gaze at the bottom line by day and oil up each other's charisma by night. Please: no dice-rollers, white liars, or compulsive jaywalkers. Must be willing to lose at chess.

Jungle Love
Tasmanian devil seeks sleek fox or wily coyote for interspecies communion. It's a jungle out there, baybee. But I know some great trails, and I ain't afraid of the deep, dark stuff. Put your little paw in mine and together we'll wade the creeks and scale the cliffs amidst swinging on the vines of destiny. Are you ready to have even more fun than merely being in love? Two grunts mean "yes, dear." Two grunts and a howl mean "yes, dear, NOW!" *Schwing*

So, Which would you pick? The first example? Or one of the above. Nuff said.

Uploading Pictures - I don't care who you are, where you're from or What you look like! Upload your photo's (at least two) so you give an idea of what you look like. There's someone out there just for you, and if you write an intelligent personal profile, your pics don't matter that mush. It only matters that you DO have a picture to relate to the words.

You've made the decision to improve your love life, to seek romance ond companionship among the millions of single women and men online who are looking for just the same... Well, don't expect your soulmate to just come knocking down your e-mail door, you have to grab her attention !

Picture is Worth Thousand Words Yadda Yadda-

Of course your great face in your photo personal ad will help, but that is only the beginning. Thousands of singles are advertising themselves with the same headlines "SWF age 35 125# 5'6" seeking SWM 35-45 for friendship and possible ltr". That's great, but what does it say about the writer, besides the fact that she's a single woman looking for a single man? Nothing that a personal ad doesn't imply by itself.

You have to stand out from the crowd, advertise your finer points, your best qualities, and your honest wishes and desires. That is the only way to attract the single man or woman who is most likely to possess those same qualities and is likely to be scanning the personals looking for someone just like you.

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